The Beers


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Hopperstad Series: Azacca (American Pale Ale)

Azacca is the ancient Haitian Voodoo god of agriculture. It’s said that he was a simple, barefooted hillbilly that watched over the farmers and their crops. The hops variety that bares his name is a dwarf hop that has intense tropical flavor and aroma with notes of citrus, ripe mangos, orchard fruit (pears & apples) and pine needles.


Broken Rudder (Irish Red)

Nestled in the quiet groves along the Red River lies the legendary Hjemkomst Viking Ship. Dreamed up by Robert Asp and built by his hand, this beauty was sailed from Duluth, MN all the way to Norway, the homeland. While crossing the Atlantic, the crew encountered a violent storm that nearly forced them to turn back. A rogue wave smashed into the ship, tearing the rudder off and plunging the boat into almost certain peril. With their experienced skipper at the helm, they fought onward and completed their voyage. Their story of determination and perseverance has been an inspiration to many, and gives this wonderfully balanced Irish Red Ale its name.

Golden red in color, Broken Rudder Irish Red Ale has a smooth caramel flavor with lightly toasted malt notes. Over fifteen pounds of honey per batch are added to give this crowd favorite just a hint of sweetness and a crisp, clean and dry finish.


Buffalo Rodeo (Rye Pilsner)

Modern day brewers owe a lot to the 19th century Bohemian brewers of Pilsen. In 1842 the first clear, light colored beer was introduced to a world used to dark and murky beers and the Pilsner style was born. Very shortly after, pilsner style beers were being brewed all over Europe and the United States, with each country and region adapting the style slightly to the brewing conditions and ingredients available.

Buffalo Rodeo is a clean, crisp bohemian style pilsner lager that has a crackery pilsner malt backbone with a hint of spicy rye. Just the right amount of sterling hops give it a nice, citrusy balance.

Availability:Year Round

Coconut Killer (IPA with Coconut/Vanilla/Lactose)

Coconut Killer is the first in our Valhalla Series, which is basically all the weird stuff our brewers dream up and want to try so we let them brew what they want.

Based on a hazy, New England Style IPA, Coconut Killer starts with the juicy, tropical fruit flavors from loads of Mosaic & Mandarina Bavaria hops, and then gives way to the rich vanilla and toasted coconut that were added in abundance. It’s also brewed with loads of oats and lactose sugar to give it a ridiculously smooth, creamy body.

Availability:Special Release

Coffee Rudder (Coffee Irish Red)

Broken Rudder Irish Red has quickly become a crowd favorite with its golden red color, smooth lightly toasted caramel malt flavor, and the hint of sweetness and crisp, clean and dry finish from the fifteen pounds of local honey that are added per batch.

When we heard that there was a coffee shop opening up a few feet from our back door, this brewery full of caffiene junkies was just a little excited. Little did we know at the time that 20 Below Coffee was founded by some incredible people who were planning a world-class coffee shop. Then one day our new neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves and gave us a big bag of coffee. It was incredible. We knew the coffee would do well in one of our porters or stouts, but we tried adding some to the lighter, toasty and malty
Broken Rudder Irish Red and Coffee Rudder was born.

The cold brewing process used to infuse the coffee into the beer leads to a coffee flavor that actually tastes the way the coffee smells and doesn’t give off any bitterness or astringency. Due to popular
demand this unique combination has quickly become a taproom mainstay and festival favorite.
In March of 2016, The Roastmasters  Series Broken Rudder with 20 Below Coffee was named to Men’s Journal’s list of the 101 Best Beers in America!

Availability:Year Round

Drive By Glitter Bomb (Sour Saison)

We kettle soured this hazy yellow saison to add the perfect level of tartness to the bright citrus and banana flavors from the wild saison yeast. It’s tart, effervescent, and ridiculously refreshing. Boom!


Hell Bent (American Brown Ale)

Hell Bent American Brown Ale pours reddish brown with a thick tan head, and has the aroma of toffee, caramel, and a subtle floral note from a small dry hop addition of Horizon hops. The aroma gives way to a delicious roasted, nutty malt backbone provided by a heavy dose of English Brown malt. Hell Bent finishes clean with a slight bitter note from some early American hop additions.


Hibiscus Drive By Glitter Bomb (Sour Saison)

We took Drive By Glitter Bomb, our kettle soured hazy saison, and threw in some hibiscus which adds a tart, dry cranberry character to the bright and tart citrus and banana flavors that make DBGB a crowd favorite. The hibiscus also gives it a beautiful pink color. It’s tart, effervescent, and ridiculously refreshing. Boom!


Hoptronic (Hoppy Sour Ale)

Hoptronic is an American Pale Ale that has been kettle soured and loaded up with a whole bunch of Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic hops. The natural acidity from the souring process creates a tart character that when combined with the white grape, kiwi and tropical fruit characteristics of the Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic hops brings out some of the juiciest hop flavors imaginable!


Milk Maiden (Chocolate Milk Stout)

Hiding in the shadows of the cold north, she waits for those who embrace the dark. She is silky and smooth from generous additions of lactose sugar that add a touch of creamy sweetness and perfectly balance her complex layers of roasted malt. Resting on mounds of cacoa nibs, she develops a deep, rich essence of dark chocolate.

She’s the Milk Maiden
Her bones made of ice
Brewed by fire
With everything nice

 Milk Maiden Chocolate Milk Stout pours deep black with a rich, tan head. Generous additions of lactose sugar add a silky, smooth body and a bit of sweetness to balance the dark roasted coffee and chocolate flavors. Conditioning on loads of cocao nibs adds the finishing touch and gives this surprisingly sessionable stout its wonderful, rich chocolate flavor & aroma.


Millions of Peaches (Peach Kölsch)

First only brewed in Köln, Germany, now brewed all over the world, Kölsch-style beers are brewed with top fermenting ale yeast and then cold conditioned, or lagered at cold temperatures to give them their signature crisp, clean flavor and finish.

Millions of Peaches takes the traditional German-style Kölsch and puts a twist on it by incorporating peaches, millions of them (we can only assume, we lost count after 100 or so), into the batch. This results in a crisp, clean kölsch with enough peach flavor and aroma to let you know it’s there, but not so much that it loses its unique kölsch characteristics. Kinda makes you feel like moving to the country. Someone should really write a song about this stuff.


Pushing Daisies (Chamomile Witbier)

Pushing Daisies is a Belgian-style witbier. Witbier (white beer in Flemish) is a beer style that almost went extinct before its revival in Europe in the late 1960’s, and is now a popular spring and summer beer style in Europe and the United States.

Witbiers contain at least 50% wheat and are typically spiced with coriander and bitter orange peel and potentially several other herbs or spices. This combination of wheat, corriander, orange peel and phenolic Belgian yeast creates a wonderfully bready, citrusy and spicy beer that is perfect for Spring.

In Pushing Daisies, we added a generous dosing of chamomile flowers, which is a member of the daisy family. This gives our witbier pleaseant notes of floral citrus and lemongrass, creating an interesting yet delicate twist on the traditional style.


Wheez the Juice (IPA)

The New England-style IPA is a very new and uniquely American style of IPA. What sets these IPAs apart from the more established West Coast IPA and traditional English IPA is the shift from bitter, piney hop flavor to less bitter, juicy tropical fruit flavors and the use of oats, wheat, and other ingredients to give the beer a noticably soft mouthfeel and a very hazy appearance.

Wheez the Juice uses a whole bunch of flaked wheat and oats to give it a soft, creamy mouthfeel and more than 3 pounds per barrel of Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops make it burst with juicy, tropical fruit flavors and aromas with very little bitterness. Go ahead, wheez a little juice.

Availability:Year Round