Oktoberfest is held every Fall in Munich, Germany. It’s a 16 day celebration of beer that attracts more than 6 million people every year. Sounds awesome, right? Well we’re in Fargo, so we can’t go. The next best thing is brewing beers in the style of the Oktoberfest party. “Haust” is the Old Norse word for Autumn, and “hosen” makes it sound, well, German. So very loosely translated, the name means “Fall Pants Party Beer.”

Hausterhosen Festbier is a light and malty Märzen style beer. Light amber in color with minimal bitterness from noble German hops, its slightly sweet and toasty maltiness gives way to a subtle smoky finish from a pinch of mesquite smoked malt. Skål! Or Pröst! Whatever, just enjoy this very drinkable Fest Beer!