A “Drakkar” was the name for the dragon on the bow of a viking warship & the dragon on the legendary Hjemkomst ship of Moorhead was named Igor. During their voyage across the Atlantic a powerful, rogue wave tore Igor from his perch. As the crew tried to pull him back into the boat one of his horns was snapped off from the crash of another wave. As they reached overboard to salvage the broken horn, it quickly slipped away from their hands into the darkenss of the ocean. This bold & black beer is for Igor’s Horn that now rests in the cold, dark, depths of the Atlantic.

Igor’s Horn is a big, bold Black IPA that has a strong malt profile with hints of coffee and dark chocolate from a heavy dose of dark roasted malts. An equally heavy dose of American hops balance out the flavor and add a nice citrus and pine hoppy note to the clean finish.