The New England-style IPA is a very new and uniquely American style of IPA. What sets these IPAs apart from the more established West Coast IPA and traditional English IPA is the shift from bitter, piney hop flavor to less bitter, juicy tropical fruit flavors and the use of oats, wheat, and other ingredients to give the beer a noticably soft mouthfeel and a very hazy appearance.

Wheez the Juice uses a whole bunch of flaked wheat and oats to give it a soft, creamy mouthfeel and more than 3 pounds per barrel of Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops make it burst with juicy, tropical fruit flavors and aromas with very little bitterness. Go ahead, wheez a little juice.

Availability:Year Round

When the Vikings were raiding and pillaging across Northern Europe, they would occasionally burn their boats on the shore after arriving in a new land they were intent on conquering. Why? The image of a horde of hairy invaders making landfall and then destroying their only means of retreat struck fear into the hearts of the soon-to-be-conquered inhabitants. It also sent a clear message to everyone in the raiding party: There’s no turning back so succeed here or die trying.

Burn the Boats IPA pours a deep copper color with a creamy tan head. The toasted caramel malt flavor gives this IPA a solid base to anchor the bright citrus and pine hop flavor and aroma, which linger on the palate.