Nestled in the quiet groves along the Red River lies the legendary Hjemkomst Viking Ship. Dreamed up by Robert Asp and built by his hand, this beauty was sailed from Duluth, MN all the way to Norway, the homeland.  While crossing the Atlantic, the crew encountered a violent storm that nearly forced them to turn back. A rogue wave smashed into the ship, tearing the rudder off and plunging the boat into almost certain peril. With their experienced skipper at the helm, they fought onward and completed their voyage. Their story of determination and perseverance has been an inspiriation to many, and gives this wonderfully balanced Irish Red Ale its name.


Golden red in color, Broken Rudder Irish Red Ale has a smooth caramel flavor with lightly toasted malt notes. Over fifteen pounds of honey per batch are added to give this crowd favorite just a hint of sweetness and a crisp, clean and dry finish.