Broken Rudder Irish Red has quickly become a crowd favorite with its golden red color, smooth lightly toasted caramel malt flavor, and the hint of sweetness and crisp, clean and dry finish from the fifteen pounds of local honey that are added per batch.

When we heard that there was a coffee shop opening up a few feet from our back door, this brewery full of caffiene junkies was just a little excited. Little did we know at the time that 20 Below Coffee was founded by some incredible people who were planning a world-class coffee shop. Then one day our new neighbors stopped by to introduce themselves and gave us a big bag of coffee. It was incredible. We knew the coffee would do well in one of our porters or stouts, but we tried adding some to the lighter, toasty and malty
Broken Rudder Irish Red and Coffee Rudder was born.

The cold brewing process used to infuse the coffee into the beer leads to a coffee flavor that actually tastes the way the coffee smells and doesn’t give off any bitterness or astringency. Due to popular
demand this unique combination has quickly become a taproom mainstay and festival favorite.
In March of 2016, The Roastmasters  Series Broken Rudder with 20 Below Coffee was named to Men’s Journal’s list of the 101 Best Beers in America!

Availability:Year Round