Hold on to your butts… it’s time for those precious DrekkerFest deets you humanoids keep scratching for and the first one is a real scorcher. Eagles of Death Metal will be headlining DrekkerFest 7!!! They’re bringing their unmistakable and revved-up rock to Fargo and leading this creep carnival into the night. But wait there’s more… this show is totally fucking FREE. Consider it a meager attempt to thank each of you amazing creatures for all of your love and support over the last 7 years. Especially the last one, that was super weird. You freaks kept it fun and never let  those good vibes stop flowing. We are NOT crying. But seriously, we ARE totally ready to party.

Saturday, September 18th

Night time


Eagles of Death Metal

Victor Shores


Plan Accordingly


Oh you want some super special DrekkerFest beer releases too, DONE & DONE. Friday (9/17) will be just like a regular, nooner release and all except it’s not regular AT ALL!!! We’re dropping some down-right silly collabs with friendly freaks from all over the country. Joining in on this madness in order of nautical miles from the brewery is HORUS (1824 miles), CLAIM 52 (1607 miles), URBAN SOUTH (1455 miles), and IMPRINT (1395 miles). A bunch of real heavyweights so bring your party pants people.

Want more details? You’ll have to wait. But it’ll be worth it cause we’re also lining up our favoritest birthday playlist of fruity madness and monstrous BA stouts. 

It wouldn’t be DrekkerFest unless someone (or hundreds) got some ink done. Those beautiful souls & magic artists at Amarok are taking over the taproom again and dropping a killer flash sheet (coming soon) to fill your bare skin parts. This is first come, first inked. Yes, there will be a line. Yes, you will have to wait.  Yes, there will be tons of other shit going for you to partake in until your turn is up. Yes, it will totally be worth it.  AAAANNNDDD Yeeeessss, Drekker viking head tatts are FREE!!!!

Get that lazy Grandpa Joe outta bed!!! We’ll be handing out envelopes to the first 50 people in line both Friday and Saturday, and while everybody who gets an envelope will win something, we’ve mixed in 7 Golden Tickets (4 one day, 3 the other) and if you get one of those in your envelope eternal glory and beer could be yours! Find one of these treasures and you’ll get FREE BEER for a WHOLE YEAR plus some other crazy prizes including a custom print from @punchgut and a killer glass from @thiccboisglass!!!! Just to be clear though, when we say FREE BEER for a WHOLE YEAR we mean it – a free pint every damn day for 365 days in a row. The fun police in the State Capital say that’s the legal limit of what we can give away. Sorry if you were hoping it would be the whole brewery. We can’t, they’d lock us up and throw away the key.⠀⠀

We’re also dropping three wicked glasses that’ll come in a sweet box set that include a 20oz Chonk glass, a 20oz Plop glass, and a 13.5oz DrekkerFest glass! DrekkerFest Glass Sets will go on sale at the brewery with all of the release beers at noon on Friday, September 17th.

Now we get to all the crazy weird, fun, mad, goofy and great shit & stuff that makes the DrekkerFest carnival our favorite day of the year. Not like you needed more reasons to join the parade but here’s the rest:⠀

🦇@FM Aerial and Movement Arts Lyra performance ⠀
☠️Art show by the nightmare conductor himself @punchgut
🪓Axe throwing from Triple Ax
🏰Free bouncy house things for kids or well behaved adults⠀
🤡Free kids face painting (probably adults too)⠀
🔥Food from Luna Fargo, The Hot Dog Peddler, Driftwood Food Truck, The Barge Food Truck
🍦Treats from Cows & Co Creamery⠀⠀
🐶Doggy kissing & adoring booth with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue
💥Hand blown killer glasses Thicc Bois
🎪Carnival games and feats of strength for prizes⠀
⚡️Flash tattoos from Amarok TattooStudio⠀⠀

So here’s what you need to know: Giant ass beer release on September 17th at noon with a sweet glass set & golden tickets that can win you free beer for a year and eternal glory. Then the carnival with more fun stuff than you can shake a stick at on Saturday, September 18th starting at noon and ending with a FREE concert from Eagles of Death Metal. It’s gonna be a ridiculously great day, so plan accordingly!