If Vikings had taprooms, they wouldn't have been so pumped about Valhalla

Beer is our craft, but Drekker is about more than the contents of a glass. It’s about what happens when a few of those glasses get raised together. It’s about doing what you want to do, in a cool place, with people you want to be with. Drekker is about you after all. We love that you’d care enough to join us, and we can’t wait to see where this voyage goes when a couple more beers get raised together. Valhalla can wait.

We started as many breweries do; just a couple of friends brewing in a garage who loved great beer, had a crazy dream, and worked their asses off to make it come true. We won’t bore you with some long, meandering story about how we all met, or how the stars aligned for the brewery to come together. If you want to know the whole story, we’ll bore you with it in the taproom or just wait for the Lifetime movie to come out. Really, we’re just four regular guys who are serious about beer and not much else.

The guys behind the beer


Captain of the Drekker ship and scientist behind the beer

Yes, I should be doing something at the brewery right now…


Head Brewer, yeast wrangler and master of janitorial arts

I brew, clean, rinse and repeat


Head of Nerdery, logo enlargement specialist

I count beans and run anything that goes beep-boop


Schmengineer, chief of hipster relations

I make sure the taproom maintains the proper level of awesomeness