1840 Brewing Company
Eric B & Rakau DIPA 8
The Cashmere Sweater DDH IPA 8
903 Brewers
Path of Totality Imperial Stout 15
Ocean Waves Hard Seltzer 6.2
P’Nut Butter Crunch Cream Ale 6.2
Back Channel
Moneybags Sour 5.5
Corn Job    
Barn Town
Caramel Apple Sour GF Sour 5.4
Chocolate Chip Cookie GF Beer 4
Barrel Theory
Party At The Moon Tower DDH TIPA 10.5
Scarlet Dream BA Stout 13
Berlin Beer Co
One Trick Pony Smoothie Sour 6%
Green Suede Shoes Hazy IPA 7.2
Local 755 Hazy IPA 6.8
Slopes Pilsner 4.6
Citra Down Under TIPA 10
Uncut Jams Fruited Sour 5.3
Double Mexican Radio BA Sout 11.5
Built By Pictures Lambic 6
French Dispatch Lager 5
Dreaming Smoked Beer 7.2
Burley Oak
Club Sandwich DIPA 7
Jream Raspberry Peach Fruited Sour 4.8
Burnish Beer Co. Shine Hazy IPA 6.3
Corporate Ladder
Dessert Station: Intangible GF Sour 6.5
Dessert Station: Banana Cream Pie GF Sour 6.5
Gin Barrel Aged Maneater BA GF Sour 10
Covert Artisan Ales
Baked & Loaded    
Red/Black Concept Mixed Fermentation Sour 5
Chernaya Baltic Porter 8.3
Electrofruit: Brambleberry Pie Smoothie Sour 6
Dangerous Man
Nordic Lemon Squeeze Farmhouse Ale 5.8
New Zealand Plisner Pilsner 5.4
Barrel Aged Hazelnut Baltic Porter BA Baltic Porter 11.5
Digi Digi Digi TIPA 10
Tart Buds Fruited Sour 6
Lollipop Forest: Jelly Bean Fruited Sour 6
The Objector DDH DIPA 8.2
Late Nite: Red Velvet Fruited Sour 8.1
Timeless Lager 4.2
Particles DDH DIPA 8.3
Dewey Beer Co
Brewsheet No. 2 DIPA 8
Thrills – Dark Forest Berry Smoothie sour 6.25
Meltshake – PB Oreo Hard Seltzer 8
Survey Says Hazy TIPA 10
Falling Knife      
Foam Brewers
#1 Hit Jam Fruited Sour 10
Dead Wax IPA 6.8
Humble Forager
Humble Bumble v1 Hard Seltzer 5
Enchanted Island v1 Fruited Sour 9
Half Brothers      
Mingle Sour IPA 6
Overlap DIPA 8.2
Hop Butcher
Blazed Orange DIPA 7.5
Peak Mosaic TIPA 10.5
Sliders Pale Ale 6
Ice Queen Eisbock 11
Spill The Tea Belgian Golden Strong 7.9
Dark Titan Belgian Dark Strong 10
Yacht Rock Smoothie Sour 6
Schmoojee – Stuffed White Chocolate Strawberry Cannoli Smoothie Sour 6
Schmoojee – Shcoops Banana Cookies and Cream Smoothie sour 6.5
Kros Strain
53 Magnum Pilsner 5.5
Run-Zah Imperial Stout 13
Crush A-Lot Orange Fruited Sour 3.8
Looks Beer Co
Bjorn’s Head Smoked Saison 7.5
ET Barnum Brown Ale 6.4
Lua Brewing
Peak Oil Imperial IPA 9
Boba Breeze Smoothie Sour 5
SMOOTHIE FIGHT 2024 #9 Smoothie Sour 6
Naughty By Nelson Rye IPA 7
Slick PIckle Rick Golden Ale 4.5
Sir Blends A-Lot BA Stout 15.2
Fang and Bone Pilsner 5.3
Unstoppable Green Tide IPA – Farmhouse 7.5
Soggy Dutchman Imperial Tiki Ale 8.6
Villa Pils Pilsner 4.8
CHONK | Hydra Smoothie Sour 7
EOS Imperial Stout 10
North Park
You Know, For Science TDH TIPA 10
Art is Hard DDH Hazy DIPA 6.7
Brown Ale Brown Ale 6.5
Super Squishy Fruited Sour 5
Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Honees Honees Golden Ale 6.6
Juice Lab: Fading Sunsets Imperial Smoothe Berliner 8
Perpetual Intro Skipper Hazy DIPA 8
Other Half
Cheddar Hazy DIPA 7
Broccoli Hazy DIPA 7.9
Phase Three
DDH Low Ceilings Hazy DIPA 7.8
P3 Oat Lager Lager 5.5
  Out of Order Fruited Sour  
RAR Opulance Hazy IPA 6.5
Resident Culture
Country Kind of Science Helles Lager 7.75
Juice Runs The Game Hazy DIPA 9
Sojurn Fermentory
Before Midnight    
Dolphin Named Ace    
Southern Grist
Batch One Theory BA Imperial Stout 10.1
Marbits Hazy IPA 6
Swing Barrel      
The Brewing Projekt
Jungo Joose Maui Wowi Fruited Sour 8.5
Scary Stuff IPA Hazy IPA 5.4
Mixed Berry Chomp Imperial Sour Ale 6.9
Tripping Animals
Limonada Rosada Fruited Berliner Weisse 6
Gojira Fruited Sour 6
King of the Beasts    
Untitled Art      
Vitamin Sea
Currency Check Hazy DIPA 8
Shirt Off My Back Fruited Sour 5.2
Medianoche – 2023 BA Imperial Stout 12.1
Juicy Bits Hazy IPA 6.7
End of the Rainboba Imperial Sour Ale 8.5
Wild Terra Fruit Labs      
White Elm
Non Serviam 1   10
Top Hat Handshake    
Wiley Roots
Pilsner Italiano Pilsner 5.5
A Visit From the Fruit Lady Cherry Lemon Lime Smoothie Sour  
A Visit From the Fruit Lady Passion Fruit Mango Smoothie Sour  
Woven Waters
Pineapple Mango Key Lime Pie Fusion Fruited Sour 6.5
Shamrock Fusion Shamrock Fusion 6.5
Xül Beer Co
PB&J Mixtape GF Sour 6.5
Astrozombie DDH Hazy IPA 6.6
Young Blood Beer Co
Monster Truck Brunch Fruited Sour 4.2
Post Tiger King World Fruited Sour 7.5
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